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Interview with Matt Booth

I sat down with Matt Booth, founder of Room 101 last night for a short podcast interview. Actually, I kinda interrupted his dinner. But being the nice guy that he is, he put his dinner aside and we did the interview. Ain't that sweet?

You can find ROOM 101 jewelry on Dave Navarro, Ty Taylor, PINK, Blaque Orchid, Nikki Sixx, Ace Young of American Idol, Jason Mayhem Miller, Josh Barnett and many more celebrities. Do visit to find out more.

Here is my interview with Matt Booth...

I would like to thank Matt for taking the time to do this interview. Really appreciate it brother! I love his jewelery and I plan to get a bracelet from Room 101 when I save up enough money. It'll be worth every freaking single cent!


  1. i'll buy it for you if you get me a Chanel.
    no, make that a Chanel <span style="text-decoration: underline;">and </span>a lifetime supply of Kate Spades.

    and oh, a quick warning to the unawares:
    if you're home alone AND its in the middle of the night when you wish to click on Matt Booth's website, BE SURE TO SOFTEN YOUR SPEAKERS FIRST! i got spooked when i loaded his page! lol!!

    and its daytime when i did! *blush*
    i'm a scaredy cat, can??!

  2. ok. don't tell anyone, but you married a bimbo.

    i had muted my laptop speakers cos i was spooked out from the music coming from matt booth's website, yes??

    and then i played your podcast.
    i adjusted the volume on the youtube screen, up and down, wondering why there's no sound.
    almost ready to call you to:
    2) SCOLD YOU BIG TIME for being a kotek

    until i realised my boo-boo.

    I'M A KOTEK!
    but dont tell anyone, ok? =(

  3. Noel,
       Such a great interview!  It's nice to hear my husband's voice, even if it is through the computer and so far away!  And, by the way, your wife is hilarious!  Girl, go for the Louis Vuitton!  And yes, the music on Matt's website is a bit spooky! 

  4. Thank you Julie. Matt is such a charm. He has to be the easiest person to interview. Totally down to earth and he has an awesome personality. You both are lucky to have each other. Absense makes the heart grow fonder huh? ;)

    Hey!!! Stop encouraging her! It's madness enough that she's bonkers over Kate Spade!

  5. I ain't falling into this trap! I'll buy my own silver when the time comes and you can buy your own bags. Deal?

    Hahaha...I never knew there was music. Thank god my volume level is always on mute. I shall give it a listen in a bit...

  6. Hi Julie! I had the pleasure of meeting Matt (I dropped by the Tat2 Convention on the 2nd day to show some love!), and yes, I agree! He's so easy to talk to and soooo down-to-earth!

    And you're absolutely right, the LV needs to get on the list too!
    what say you, Noel? huh? huh? huh? :-P


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