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Another reason why I hate STOMP!

I was surfing through Facebook a short while ago when I read a message that totally screwed up my mood. A friend of mine, Amanda, joined the Miss Tattoo Asia beauty contest at the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010. Now, Amanda isn't your average size kinda girl. It took more than just guts for her to sign-up for the contest. After all, she was photographed in a bikini for the contest promo. But she gamely posed for the camera and she was selected for the finals. Just so you know, she went up on stage in a bikini for the finals at Singapore Expo.

I am very upset and disappointed with an article on STOMP about Amanda. This anonymous female STOMPer says my friend is too fat to be showing off her body. She says she isn't trying to be mean. She went on to say "I'm not trying to dampen her confidence, but maybe she should think twice before posing for the whole world to see".

On a personal note, this anonymous person should think twice before she opens her stinking mouth. I'm sure when she saw the Miss Tattoo Asia video, she would have realized that this was a tattoo themed contest. We have been stressing that 'beauty is skin deep' and that's exactly what the contest was!

Amanda, I want you to know that you did awesome in the finals. It took a hell lot of courage but you did it. I know that a lot of things stink in this country. It'll take time for folks like us to be completely accepted by society. But babes, we'll get there eventually. The thing is, we must NEVER give up the fight. I sure hope you agree with me. Hang in there and smile because you know you're better than this. Big hugs and a whole lotta love!


  1. that fucking stomper needs to open her fucking bigot eyes and read that its a fucking TATTOO competition, not a fucking Miss Universe pageant.
    focus was on the fucking tattoos and not the fucking bodies.
    so how else was Amanda was supposed to showcase her tattoos if not in a bikini? wear baju kurung like my grandmother issit?
    stupid fucking bitch!

    if the sight was "too much" for her, then don't fucking see lah! stupid fucking bitch!!!

    it took MASSIVE confidence, guts and courage to do what Amanda did, something the stupid fucking bitch wont have, i'm sure, if the situation was reversed.

    stupid fucking bitch!


  2. WHAAT! that Stomper deserve to be shot!!!

    Kuddos to Amanda for getting into the finals! I think her tattoos were GORGEOUS!

    She got into a TATTOO BEAUTY CONTEST and I agree w Ann, how the hell would she show off her tattoo if she was fully-clothed??

    And as if we did BOOMS in Miss Singapore itself... Miss Singapore 09 didnt do that well now did she..?? all "looks" (WHAT LOOKS?) but empty inside...

    now i think the Stomper should go mirror herself and see if SHE could wear a bikini and strut down orchard..

  3. I thought Amanda's tattoo was gorgeous! And after all, it was a Miss Tattoo contest, not a Miss Anorexia 2009 contest.

    I think she was incredibly brave to participate in the competition and I'm so glad that the judges put a larger sized girl through.

    I think that we Singaporeans are way too obsessed with weight sometimes. Seriously, it's like here in Australia, one of my bosses is always going on about how slim I am. But the minute I step back on Singapore soil, it's like I'm a bloody ogre. Seriously.

    Beauty is not about having a teeny tiny waist. There are so many aspects to beauty and it's such a shame to confine it to just one set of measurements.

  4. She must have been insecure about her self image to make such criticisms. 

  5. what a sad, sad stomper. as time goes by, how incredibly miserable it must be for her to wake up everyday and watch her looks fade. what an ignorant, superficial idiot. seriously.

    i thought Amanda was the best contestant, by the way. her tattoo totally rocked.

  6. I think that what this woman said about your friend Amanda is what is hurting all young girls today. There are enough skinny, airbrushed women in this world to make all girls feel like they are "fat". Your friend Amanda is far from fat! She looks like a healthy, beautifully shaped woman to me. The other girls in the video look like they have some more filling out to do. Obviously the person who insulted Amanda has some deep personal body image issues. Congratulations to Amanda for showing off her beauty, tattoo's and all! ;)


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