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Tiger, Movida & Twitter

My thoughts on the following...

Tiger Woods: Boy do I pity this fella. Regardless of the scandals, I still think of Tiger as a decent bloke. He's one hell of a golfer too. You've probably read about his affairs and I reckon the last count today is 10 women.

Now, I think it is disgusting that these women are selling their stories to the media. Instead of slamming Tiger, why aren't folks labeling these women as whores? It's one thing to sleep with a married man but to make money outta it at the expense of another human being is downright wrong!

There are always two sides to a story. If you can remember this at all times, then you'll probably fair better in life. The same applies when a friend bitches to you about another person. Many would side with their friends without listening to what the other party has to say. I on the other hand would listen to the other party and decide for myself. So yeah, keep an open mind folks!

Eddie Fatu: It's unbelievable how shallow some 'wrestling fans' are. I came to that conclusion after reading some news articles and posts on the web. The day Eddie Fatu (Umaga) passed away, these morons were speculating on the cause of his death. "Oh was it drugs?" or "did he OD on painkillers?". Come on! Not every death in professional wrestling is associated with drugs. Besides, I think it's rude to speculate on a person's death especially when the family is grieving!

Events: On to happier thoughts... Along with Shy & Nash, we'll be airbrushing at Movida tomorrow night. It's their anniversary and with all parties by St James, it'll be a blast! My next airbrush event will be on the 30th of December (business is bad this month) at Zouk. I'll like to think of that as a pre-new year eve party. Is another massive hangover from Zouk's Long Island Tea on the cards? Only time will tell...

Twitter: I don't update my Twitter account on the go because I don't have a Blueberry phone nor do I use the web on my Nokia 5800. Mostly because I'm using a pre-paid card. I reckon getting the pre-paid card was one of the best decisions I've ever made. My phone bill used to be at least S$150 a month. Now? It's S$30 a month and I get $130 worth of value. That to me sounds like a bloody good deal!

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  1. Yeah! Mt top-up card is from M1 and each time I top-up, it's $30. But they give $130 worth of value. That will last me for a whole month...

  2. Sorry typo. Meant to say My instead of "Mt"....

  3. PRE PAID?! Eh you pay for incoming calls with pre paid card right?
    Why dont you have a subcription line?! All this while I thought you had a line! x D

  4. Erm...nope. I get free incoming so I only pay for outgoing and my messages. I hardly call anyone these days so the pre-paid works great for me.

    My subscription line is used by little missy...


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