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Team Singapore, Karma and more...

Low class: To add on to yesterday's post, I understand some of ya'll are pissed. off Why wouldn't you be? I sure am! But, let's not call this fella names. Doing so would be stooping to their level. We don't need to prove jack shit to anyone. I believe in Karma and if he does have a son or daughter, he or she will probably come home with a tattoo some day. Hah!

Team Singapore: I heard this new commercial by MILO in support of Team Singapore on the radio a few days ago. It sounds pretty darn good. It ain't cheesy and I so wanted to shout "GO SINGAPORE" in the taxi! Common sense prevailed and I kept my mouth shut!

Featured Blogger: My thanks to everyone at Nuffnang for having me as their featured blogger for the month of December. Not only is this an honour, it is also an accomplishment. And hey, it's always nice to be noticed from time to time. Here's the link to the page on Nuffnang.

Blogs: There are two blogs I wanna give a quick mention. First up is a blog I stumbled upon thanks to Nuffnang's 'Community' tab. Her name is Anna and she blogs at Her blog design is way cool folks! I seriously thought I had somehow landed on a Facebook page. Wanna know what I'm talking about? Visit!

The other blog I want you to visit if you haven't already, belongs to Maia Lee. This girl is tattooed and she's got style! She loves snakes too! That makes her all the more hotter. Enough said! Visit Maia's STAR BLOG at

Alright folks. I've got to finish up my article for Mother & Baby magazine before I meet the clique for beers. Take good care and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Noel! Love the articles that you wrote. Cheers! - Anna

  2. Hey Ubiquity,

    I love your blog, I thought I was re-directed to

    Nice work!

  3. chill bro..don't fret about those idiots..maybe they got dumb by some people who thinks that they are low the way you found out the address of the poly girl's blog? haha

  4. I was waiting for someone to ask about her blog!!! She deleted her blog bro! Disappointed? Hahaha...


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