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Sports and a Babe!

In the news...

Sea Games: Kudos to Team Singapore for bringing back 98 medals. 33 of that tally are gold medals mind you. To be honest, I didn't catch any of the Sea Games action on television. But I do have a legitimate excuse. Elmo's World is on 24/7. My son watches the same DVD over and over and over again. No kidding!

Mark Hughes: How on earth did Hughes lose his job at Manchester City?? Man City did beat Sunderland 4-3 over the weekend and they are sixth in the English Premier League. I reckon this just proves that millionaires don't know anything about soccer. would be awesome if we had owners like Sheikh Mansour at Liverpool. Rafael Benítez needs a boot shoved up his arse after the defeat to Portsmouth! Agreed?

John Terry: It seems the Blues & England captain might be in a little trouble after a group of journalists went undercover and revealed that he was getting money on the side. If for one moment you think the reporters are making things up, they have a clear and audible video as evidence! To view the article and video, click on this link.

Lindsay Lohan: She looks smoking in this new photo shoot. I never considered fishnet stockings sexy till I saw these pictures. For the record, I love Lindsay in 'Georgia Rule'. I thought she was incredibly sexy in her role as Rachel Wilcox. Anyhow, I'm gonna oogle at her pictures on News of the World when I'm done with this post...

Ok people. I'm gonna look at Lindsay for a bit before picking up my son's passport. Enjoy your Monday!


  1. i finished reading the part about lindsay lohan and then went "WHAT BABE?!" then i realised you meant lindsay. chey!


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