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SLANG : Tossing Salad

The act of placing your tongue in a male or females ass (some add jelly or syrup), and using your tongue to probe all around the circumference of the anus, while aiding the person in masturbation.

John was tossing her salad so hard that he was able to tell what she ate for lunch...*chili*


  1. Noel, next time I eat curry fish, you toss salad for me to see if the curry is really indian curry or assam curry. OK?

  2. *wishes she wasn't eating her bowl of yoghurt when she read that and william's comment*

  3. bro have you been tossing a lot of salad?

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  5. Hi Anonymous,

    Nice spam and big FUCK YOU to you fucking spammer!

  6. William: You are disgusting! You now have a gf to do that for you!

    ~*Starryluvly*~: Hahaha! I bet the yogurt tasted extra special =)

    Shyanne: Erm...I think it's pretty kinky. Besides, we're all about pleasuring the other party right?

    Manuel: It depends bro. Doo dee doo....

    Anonymous: I outta shove your computer up your ass! Moron!

    William: Now now William. Take deep breaths!

  7. I lick my gf ass an she loves the feeling


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