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Rey Mysterio Tattoos

I love love love this guy! Rey Mysterio is one of the smallest wrestlers around at 1.68m (5 ft 6 in) but that hasn't stopped him from winning the World Heavyweight Championship, WWE World Cruiserweight Championship (three times), WWE World Tag Team Championship (four times) and WWE Intercontinental Championship (twice). Rey also won the 2006 Royal Rumble along with a bunch of other titles in WCW.

This high flying superstar is most famous for the masks that he wears at all World Wrestling Entertainment shows. Not too long ago, Eminem was spotted walking around New York City with a Rey Mysterio mask.

This year at an autograph signing session, a little girl gave Rey a collage that had a prayer on it. It wasn't long before the prayer was tattooed on his left rib area.
When translated into English, it reads "Jesus Christ, you accompany me every day. I ask you to bless me and protect me every time I land on the mat because my life is always on the line. Never leave me alone. Protect me and be with me always. Amen.”

Because Rey is always in his trademark pants, there aren't any pictures of the two skeletons on his left calf that when put together, forms a heart that says "till Death do us part". Most of his tattoos are about his family and his Catholic faith. He says his most painful tattoo is the word Mexican tattooed across his stomach.

He has his daughter and son's names, Aalyah and Dominik, written on the insides of both his left and right biceps.

On his left forearm, Rey has a gothic cross with a tombstone in the center with the initials ‘E’ and ‘G’ for his friend, the late Eddie Guerrero”. Other tattoos on his arm include a tribal sun, his official mask, 619 on his lower left arm, the years 1995 & 1976 and an Aztec cross on his right forearm.

Here's his back piece that's supposed to show how each vertebra should be aligned.He also has two Kanji symbols on his shoulders for his son that means ‘strength and power'.

Back in November 2007, he mentioned in an interview that he'll never get his chest tattooed. In a matter of months, Rey returned from surgery with some brand new ink. He had wings tattooed on his chest!

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  1. I have noticed it is hard to get a picture of the tattoo on his right arm, the crucifix on his fore arm. its a really cool tat though

  2. cm punk all e way hahahaha but rey's tats are awesome so is punk's n takers

  3. Hi Ben. I doubt Rey has done a photo shoot with a tattoo magazine. If he did, it would be so much easier to find images of his tattoos. My friend remarked that Rey's tattoos are old school and it's dull. But I think the tattoos suit Rey. He looks really cool with them and he's one heck of a wrestler...

  4. ME TOO!!! Rey is one of my all-time fav wrestlers!

  5. CM Punk is awesome! Not really liking his direction now but at least he's appearing on television every week. His Pepsi tattoo is so cool. Funny too. And man...Taker is da bomb!!!!

    Have you ever wondered why Taker doesn't have any tattoos on his back?!

  6. helluav question huh noel? taker's got no tattoos on his back.......hmmmmmm he does have a mini tat on the back of his neck a guy thinking.....i pun intended...nah cm punk has loads of cool fav is the cobra from gijoe haha cheers

  7. Taker has that? I've never seen the back of his neck thanks to his long hair. Don't remember seeing it when he did the biker dude gimmick with short hair either.

    Didn't know CM Punk has the GiJoe tattoo either. Thats pretty cool. You know what? I'm loving Randy Orton's sleeves. The Rock's tatts are cool too...

  8. yeah taker has the thinking guy i know its near his neck or somewhere along the line its a dancing stick man....yeah punk's got the cobra insignia on his right arm...........orton's sleeves reminds me of takers. the old skool demons,skulls stuff always kick ass.........i like that dude santino lion tattoo that covers his entire back. take care bro awesome blog......

  9. Yeah Orton's sleeves remind me of Taker's too. I love black and grey work and old skool always rocks!!! Santino is one funny guy! Takes a lot to be funny all the time and he's so good at what he does.

    Thanks for the compliments and keep on reading when you can bro!

  10. eii upload a pic of the tattoo he has on his leg the one of the skull "love till death"...

  11. Anonymous: I'll try searching for it online. :)


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