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Our Christmas

With a snap of a finger, Christmas has come and gone. I hope you enjoyed Christmas as much as I did. It was filled with alcohol (I can't live without it) and great food. Not forgetting the super duper company we had the honour of having. Well, instead of going on and on like a freaking fool, here are a shit load of pictures from the 24th to 26th December. Enjoy brudders and sistas!


  1. brudda, this Echo thing is a bit troublesome.

    and yes, DRAYDEN IS A LUCKY MAN!


    thanks to the three women spending quality time in the tent. we all synced our periods! muahahaha. next, we'll take over the world!

  2. Eh? Why is it troublesome babes?

    How did ya'll sync your periods? Bluetooth? Infrared??  =)

    If every man in this world came at the same time, it would be one heck of an explosion. sounds like a whacky event to organize. I'll call it CUM TOGETHER!


    i can see it now... mass jerking off to a live presentation of hot, sweaty and loud lesbian sex.

    kleenex would definitely make shit loads of money.

  4. Hell yeah! Let's make 'Cum Together' happen! Come Together by The Beatles will be the theme song. Kleenex can be the platinium sponsor. Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil can be the product sponsor and Oral B will be the title sponsor!


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