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India Governor, 86, quits after sex scandal

A senior Congress party leader and governor of a southern Indian state resigned after an alleged sex scandal.

Governor ND Tiwari, a top representative of India's president in Andhra Pradesh state, resigned after a local television channel aired a video of the 86-year-old leader allegedly in bed with three young women.

Tiwari said the footage was doctored, but his embarrassed party asked the governor to resign.

Tiwari claimed he was resigning for health reasons.

The 3-minute footage was the most watched video on YouTube in India on Saturday and newspapers yesterday splashed front-page stories on the sex scandal, which has sparked online debates on the conduct of politicians in India.

The Congress party welcomed Tiwari's resignation and said it might take more action.


Woah man! If the allegations are true, this man needs a statue of himself erected (no pun intended) in his state or a public holiday dedicated to his name. Heck, name a street after him too! Having sex at the age of 83?? One woman is tiring enough at my age. If I had three women in bed with me, I'll probably have a triple bypass! I guess the Kamasutra has done wonders for poor old Tiwari! =)

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