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ECHO has arrived!

Say goodbye Blogger Comments and hello to ECHO. I added Echo to my blog an hour ago and after some minor tweaking, it's now live! Those of you that have been nice enough to grace my blog with your thoughts and views in the past will be happy to note that I have integrated your comments with this new application.

Echo is a fantastic comment widget that has everything I could possibly need. Now, you can leave your comments by signing in to your favourite sites. These sites are: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, FriendFeed, Blogger (only blogspot addresses), Haloscan, Open ID and your own custom domain.

You the reader can also embed relevant Youtube clips. Say for example the post is about tattoos, you can embed a tattoo clip in one easy step!

Above all that, you can throw in a smiley, add images and follow a post. I think that's just awesome! To leave a comment, simply click on 'people shared their thoughts. what about you?' at the end of this post. Let me know what you think...


  1. Very nice and straightfoward for posting up the comments. I like/love it a lot.

    Cheers and Merry Kiss Mas.

  2. Oh cool app. I might have to see if this works on Wordpress... hehehe.

    Anyhoo... Merry Christmas to you, Ann and little Dray :)

  3. It does! It's real easy to sign-up and install too. Go do it ASAP!

    Merry Christmas Nadia! Have a good one aite ;)


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