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Paranormal Activity - The Movie

This was a movie I so wanted to watch. After all, I read so much about it on the net and critics were raving about it. So when we got the chance to watch it, I went ballistic! I was prepared to be scared shitless or maybe, just maybe even shit in my pants.

But...I'll tell you now that this movie was a waste of my time. It's 86 minutes that I can never get back. Not once in this movie was I scared. The ending was pretty dumb too. How they got all the positive reviews is anyone's guess. If it wasn't for Katie Featherston's breasts, I would have fallen asleep midway through the movie!

To all the people that have been saying that this documentary is real, IT FREAKING ISN'T!!!! You can read about Paranormal Activity on by clicking on this link.

I'm gonna figure out how to get back my 86 minutes. Sigh...


  1. Eating a bowl of turtle soup with white steam rice will get you back your 86 minutes :)

  2. NO TURTLE SOUP!!!! I hope in your next life, you'll be green, have a shell with a loooooooong neck!!


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