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Christmas in Singapore!

It’s beginning to look like Christmas everywhere you go. There’s a tree in the Grand Hotel, one in the park as well. Yeah, you know this classic song right? Sure enough, Christmas is around the corner. I love walking down Orchard Road this time of the year. It’s just so beautiful with the décor and it really is a feast for the eyes. I’m pretty sure women love the year-end Christmas shopping sprees too! It seems everything is on a discount everywhere you go.

Christmas isn’t just about receiving presents and enjoying good food. It’s also about giving. If it is within your means to give to the less fortunate this Christmas, do it! I bet going to sleep at night knowing you made a difference in someone’s life would be a damn good feeling wouldn’t it?

I reckon the one thing that’s always missing in Singapore during Christmas is the festive cheer. You know the real meaning of Christmas. I’ve been to England and it was just beautiful to see how they celebrate Christmas. You can literally feel it in the air! Over here, it’s a little different with the various cultures we have on hand. I’ll take what I can and I’ll enjoy this Christmas with some very cool people…

Speaking of Christmas, there’s this game I’ve been playing on Facebook called Scrooge’O’Meter. It’s based on this movie I watched last week called ‘A Christmas Carol’ and all you need to do is send as many gifts as possible to your family and friends. So far I’ve sent a horse carriage and a bunch of top hats to my friends. It would be hilarious to see them in their top hats in real life!

Anyway, I started off as a scrooge and I’m now a miser! Muah ha ha ha!

I’ve got to get ready for an event. It’s gonna be one long night for me. Take good care wherever you are and try to embrace the Christmas spirit. If you need help, go watch A Christmas Carol! You might just learn a thing or two. Ok, I’m outta here. Have a good one folks!

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