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This Week

Howdi folks! Did you have a smashing good weekend?! We were under the impression that today is a public holiday. The government should make Monday a holiday if a public holiday falls on a Saturday. It's these little things that would make a Singaporean smile. How about throwing in another round of GST credits???

I had some personal issues to deal with over the weekend and we did our first shoot for our show on Saturday. When I say our, I mean and myself. Be sure to visit to watch the many shows available. My favourite show at the moment is The Shan & Ross Show. Check it out yeah!

Let's see what's happening this week...We have another shoot and interview session this Friday. After which I'll attend the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards at the Pan Pacific Hotel. Yeah, it's one of the rare occasions anyone will see me in a blazer, pants and shoes! Saturday I have to be part of the Uniquely Singapore experience with a bunch of local and foreign bloggers. It'll probably turn out to be another cam whore outing...

Alright, I need to get some work done. Bye!

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