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No to Robotic Surrogates!!

I was just thinking about robots the other night. Of course the movie Surrogates got me thinking about what it would be like to have robots in our lives in the future. Now, I am an old fashioned kinda guy. Would I need a robot to make my life easier? I think not!

Hear me out alright. We humans would become lazy if we had robots do things for us. In the movie, we humans stay at home in our pods while our robotic surrogates are out there in the real world living our mundane lives. Seriously, how exciting can that be?!

Also, domestic workers would end up losing their jobs if we one day had robots that could clean our homes. Oh wait! I think the Japanese already have robots that are capable of doing that…

Of course there are positives of having robotic surrogates. You could instruct your surrogate to do anything you want. You’d never be shy, or afraid to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Say you’ve always wanted to talk to this smoking hot girl or guy. Well, you could get your surrogate to do just that for you. But who knows what the surrogate’s owner actually looks like. Hah!

We’ll folks, what do you think? Are you comfortable with the idea of robotic surrogacy? Leave your comments at the end of this post and do take a moment to join the Anti-Surrogacy Movement on Facebook to win exclusive movie premiums!


  1. No please, it would be the end of the day, the robots are going to be our owner, not we using them but the robots become the dominant.

  2. Yeah, I totally agree Zs! I love life the way it is now...

  3. We wouldn't live life to the fullest if we used surrogates! Fear, pain, anticipation are all part of the experience. They make happiness more valuable and success that much sweeter!

  4. Hey Longjin! That's true man. We already take a lot of things for granted. Do we need another excuse? I certainly think not!


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