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I Ain't Perfect

For some strange reason, I dreamt of my ex-girlfriend earlier today. It was a rather disturbing dream. We were sitting at this fishing jetty on some beach. It sure didn't look like East Coast or Sembawang. She's lucky this was a dream. I would have pushed the dumb bitch off the freaking jetty!

Anyhow, this ex used to compare me with her colleagues and guys she used to meet. Each time she did that, I would tell her that "I Ain't Perfect!". It's the damn truth. None of us are perfect and if you think you are, then I suggest you get a little help. I'm far from perfect. I have lots of flaws that I don't plan on fixing. Why? I love myself the way I am!

The one thing about this blog that keeps it going all these years is that I've been extremely honest about my past and present. There's nothing to hide and I rather you hear it from me than from someone else.

The one flaw I have is that I'm extremely hot tempered. It's a little better compared to a few years ago but it's still bad. She used to call me a ticking time bomb. I guess that's true to a certain extend. But hey, if she didn't aggravate me, I wouldn't have been pissed off all the damn time.

Fast forward six years, I'm married and I still hate the fool. My marriage hasn't been a walk in the park but we're hanging on. That's what you get when two bad tempered individuals marry each other. Hopefully we'll be able to work things out in due time...

But for now, I'm heading back to bed and I'm crossing my fingers that I won't dream of THE EX again. Good night!


  1. the best way to maintain is GIVE IN TO YOUR HEART and not your head .. rocks will crack when u banged them together .. whenever theres a "fight" think and look at ur kid .. he will calm u both down .. well, wish all is well for u and family .. blessings to u all .. have faith ya bro !!! .. Marriage isn't an easy road to walk but if you stroll through it nice and easy, you mite enjoy this part of Life's journey ... :)

  2. woah. i've had weird dreams about exes too. then again all my dreams are really weird.

    i wonder why we dream of exes. i'm going to google this. it's not like we've been thinking about them!

    my repetitive dreams are usually about the following:

    1) losing teeth
    2) walking down the street naked
    3) flying
    4) being in an elevator plummeting down hundreds of storeys.
    5) fighting

    and occasionally, i swear i dreamt of a scenario that i would've forgotten the following morning but it will happen months or years down the road and then i remember that i've dreamt being in that exact scenario once upon a time. my dejavu's are so scary because they're so precise.

  3. Eddy@OuterSpace: Thanks Eddy! That's really great advice! Probably the best I've heard in a long time...

    Shyanne: Heh! You too huh? I hate dreaming about exes. Even worse are nightmares about dying. My biggest fear is death. It constantly haunts me. God only knows the number of deals I've made with him....

    A nice dream I get often is of an angel. I've never seen her face but she's got wings, shoulder length hair and one heck of a glow. Then again, it might be Kumar playing a prank on me! Hahahahaha...


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