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Finally I am able to sit down and type this post. The past two days has been crazy! If only we could stop time or lengthen our days. 24 hours sometimes doesn't quite cut it.

Earlier today I had the privilege and opportunity to try out a brand spanking new gadget. It's so new that it hasn't been revealed to the world yet and I am the first person outside the organization to have a go at it. I have been sworn to secrecy so I can't reveal anything more. The last thing I need is a lawsuit! Well, the worldwide launch is next week and I will be presenting this product to the media. I'll post pictures and a write-up then...

If you know of someone that has a funny or wacky tattoo, I am looking for that HIM or HER! Drop me an email at

I've got to sign off. Have a great weekend and god bless!


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