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Mustang Tattoo

Here's a pretty cool tattoo related video that I want you guys to check out. If you love Mustangs, all the better! Meet Daniel Velarde, a longtime Mustang fanatic who one day decided to express his Mustang passion with a tattoo. Little did he know, this tattoo would become the inspiration for the customization of an all-new 2010 Ford Mustang, which was designed to match Velarde’s ink.

To view the other video and to read the article, click here.


  1. Tattoo artists are, in many cases, the same way. They struggle for years building up a portfolio of artwork before they are given a shot at an apprenticeship. Once in that spot, they work hard hours, do the dirty work, and “pay their dues” before even picking up a machine and tattooing a client for the first time. Even then, every tattoo is a learning experience… and away from the tattoo machine, the artist is constantly pushing their envelope with new styles, new techniques, and new art mediums that they can fold into their own unique tattoo style. In many cases, artists spend a lot of time “hoofing it” on the road at conventions to get their name out there… and even when success finally comes, they still pour every ounce of energy into their craft. There’s no where they’d rather be.
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