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Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

If someone needs a reason to visit Singapore, there would be one word that would best describes our country. UNIQUE! We are truly a unique country that has proven time and again to be a world class venue for big events such as the Formula One night race. We have world class attractions that keep you coming back for more. In fact, this country changes and upgrades itself so fast that if you return for a visit in say two years, there would be something new! In case you don't already know, I'm damn proud to be a Singaporean!!

If I had to bring a foreign friend around our sunny country, here's where I'd bring him or her...

We'd start off the day by going to the Singapore Zoo in the morning. This beautiful zoo is home to over 315 species of animals and it's one of the best zoos in the world. First thing we'll do is have Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife! It's a one of a kind experience that one would remember for a long time. I used to work in the zoo and I reckon I'd do a good job as a tour guide. Heh!

Once we are done at the zoo for the afternoon, we'd head to the Duck Tour at Suntec City. As the name suggests, the tour starts off on land and the amphibious vehicle soon enters the water near the F1 pit stop area. We'll go under the Benjamin Sheares bridge, pass the Esplanade, up-close to the Merlion and the soon to be completed Marina Bay Sands is a view to behold! This sixty minutes tour would be worth every penny spent!

Up next, Singapore Flyer here we come! My foreign friend would get a bird's eye view of our beautiful country on the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. The Singapore Flyer reaches 42 stories high and takes half an hour to complete a rotation. It should be sunset when we climb onboard the air-conditioned capsule and this would make an excellent photo opportunity!

Last of all, what's a trip to Singapore if you don't indulge in our fantastic local cuisine right?! Well, Newton Hawker Centre would be our last stop for the day. On the menu would be chili crab, fried oyster, satay, Tiger Beer and lots more. There's tons of food at Newton so my foreign friend can knock him or herself out!

If he or she has a little bit of energy left, though I highly doubt it, we could drop by St James Power Station for that last drink. When I say last, I really don't mean it! What a trip to Singapore without experiencing our nightlife right?! St James Power Station is the largest entertainment complex in Singapore and you'll be spoilt for choice with the 11 nightclubs that they have.

There's lots more to do in Singapore but it's impossible to do everything in one day. So yeah...I'll invite anyone to come to my country and Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience!


  1. i've been wanting to do the flyer for EONS but haven't found the time to and the duck tours too!

    if i had a guest i'd bring them to the macritchie tree top walk, to dempsey for dinner, to sentosa for MEGAZIP and probably to ubin for a bike ride and another (seafood) dinner.

  2. Yeah! I wanna do the flyer too! The Macritchie tree top walk sounds cool. Just don't do it on a super hot day. Dempsey is good too. Though I've only eaten at Samy's.

    Never done the MegaZip and the last time I went to Ubin was ages ago! Let's do Ubin soon. What say you?

  3. would make a hot ah-lian! Weeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!


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