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The nomination stage for the inaugural Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards officially closed last night. If you had problems nominating your blog of choice, it probably meant that blog was already nomination in the category you chose. Meaning, each blog can only be nominated in any given category once. If person A were to nominate this blog under 'Best Entertainment Blog' and 'Best Hidden Gem', person B would have to choose some other category. I learnt that the hard way. Not only did I blog asking for nominations, I sent a personal message to over 500 contacts on Facebook. You can imagine the number of messages I got saying "I CAN'T NOMINATE YOUR BLOG!!". So I contacted Nuffnang and they explained how the nomination system works...

Anyhow, I am keeping my fingers, toes and every other part of my body crossed. Will this blog make it to the Top 5? Wednesday has gotta come quick!

For what it's worth, filming for this web series I'm hosting by, is supposed to start next month. Pre-production has started and it's looking real good from where I sit. This show is gonna be different and it's totally original. I am psyched. I have and will be doing 300 sit-ups every day till we Lights, Camera, Action!!

World Wrestling Entertainment is supposed to send me my first premium merchandise for being part of the WWE Street Team. Man do I love surprises! Especially when it has got to be something good! I have been in contact with this sweetheart of a girl called Fiona. Hellooooooo Fiona!! She's representing France in the Street Team and Ace from the Philippines left a comment a few days back. If you are part of the team, drop me an email at I'd love to hear from you...

I have uploaded pictures by William of our recent trip to Sentosa. You can view the pictures on my Facebook page. The pic below is my favorite of the lot.

I had to blur out the golden monkey that was standing behind me...

I'm heading to an appointment in a short bit. Have a nice Monday and don't work too hard yeah?


  1. You can do 300 sit-ups everyday/per day? My kuku jiao will erect 24/7/365!

  2. btw, i didn't even notice any golden monkey in the orginal photo. just a little awkward that it looks like a cool photo then you holding the handle of a pram. LOL! and with the umbrella sticking out.

  3. Shyanne: Hahaha...yeah man. Didn't know she was behind me. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be posing with a pram! But hey, I'm a daddy!

    Remy: Heh! I'll let him know...

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