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Blackboard Blunders: Spelling Slip-ups and Homework Howlers

I reckon this is a book that some of you might enjoy. After all, we all need a good laugh from time to time. Richard Benson author of 'Blackboard Blunders: Spelling Slip-ups and Homework Howlers', has compiled some of the funniest shit that school kids have written in their homework and exam papers.

Here are my top 5 funniest excerpts from the book...

5) I would like to have lots of babys [sic] when I am a grown-up. My mummy says I need to wait until I'm older but Tina across the raod has lots of babys [sic] and she isn't grown up. She also has lots of husbends [sic].

4) My hobby is insest. I learnt about all kinds of insest from a book I bort [sic] at a bring and buy sale. I speshly [sic] like aunts.

3) Dear God, My wish is that there would be pis all over the world. Make the wars end and let people live in pis all their lives.

2) I went to see the doctor because I have awful crap. I woke up with crap all down my leg yesterday and I cuddent [sic] put my foot down.

1) Time seemed to be standing still. Nothing was happening and I was getting scarred. I looked again at my cock. It hadn't moved since I last looked at it.

You can purchase this book from by clicking here.


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