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Sentosa was a blast yesterday! We got into the island at 2pm and headed to Palawan beach instead of Tanjong. The weather was a little too hot for my liking but I'm just contented it didn't rain. The rain would have screwed up our day!

Now this was Drayden's first outing to the beach and his initial expression was hilarious! He had this "wtf is this" look on his face. He didn't like the feeling of sand on his tiny toes and he sure didn't like the water. He's used to the sights of fountains, ponds and small puddles of water. The sea well, it's just freaking huge! After half an hour or so, he was alright and played in his own little private area. Most importantly, he was a well behaved boy. I just love how he's turning out to be.

If you are ever in Sentosa, you have got to get tickets for Songs of the Sea. It's $10 per person but you get your moneys worth. Heck, they should seriously charge $20 a head. The show is that good! The lighting show is fantastic, lasers are spectacular and the pyrotechnics add a nice touch. I understand the show costs a bomb to maintain considering there are two shows a night. Catch it if you can aite!

The online monopoly game is down and out. They are trying their best to get the servers up and running again. It'll probably take hours before everything is good and proper. You would think that they would have anticipated millions of hits on their launch day. But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Idiots!!

I've got to wrap up this post. Yawn!! Later folks!

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