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Who needs to go to the gym?

Here's how you can work on building your bicep muscles for a mere dollar and ninety cents. First, you need to get on a bus. Preferably bus 858 from Yishun at 6.30 in the morning with your 16 month old son. The second you get on the jam packed bus, every douchebag falls asleep! It's like you have magical powers. It's ok if a person is really person but it's retarded when they pretend to sleep.

You'll have no choice but to carry your son on one arm while using your other hand to hold the handrail. Don't get me started on trying to balance myself. If you think about it, I literally carried my son from Yishun to Changi Airport terminal 3 on a slow moving bus!! My fucking arm is sore like a bitch! Damn it!!


  1. if i were you, i'd stare them right in the eye. look deep into their conscience, then shake your head and mouth the words "singaporeans" while rolling your eyes.

    or pretend to talk to your son "drayden, when you grow up, promise me you won't be rude and inconsiderate like the uncles and aunties on the bus."

  2. Good idea, Shy! I would have done the same. In fact, just did it yesterday, to a group of them who came back from the National Day people, one nation, one Singapore? Rriiiittteee! *rolls eyes

  3. Shyanne: I can't do that lah sis! I'm just not that kind of person. I don't wanna force someone to give up their seat. It's a good thing Drayden sat still on my arm. If not I would have shat bricks!!!!

    Uni: Seriously?! What did you do to them? Like our old man Lee said, Singapore isn't a gracious society. We're far from it and it sucks big time!!


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