SOL @ Zouk, Helipad and Nuffnang

What a week it has been. Work has been nothing short of fantastic. I airbrushed at the Helipad and Zouk. Do check out Helipad if you are looking for an awesome place to chill out. I reckon they have the best outdoor view of Singapore River and Clarke Quay. Did I mention they have a super cool website too?! Go and on visit their website at!

I really love working the SOL represents Mambo night at Zouk. If you haven't already heard, SOL beer is 1 for 1 all night long every last Wednesday of the month. Besides the awesome 1 for 1 deal, you can meet and mingle with the SOL brigade (picture below). There also the gold human statues that we take two odd hours to paint from head to toe. You can find this fun duo on the podium throughout the night. See you at the next SOL represents Mambo on 30th of September?

In this picture: Irvin from Zoosh Private Limited.

I have this bitch of a burn mark that will remind me of Zouk for at least a week! I was rushing, hit my arm on the dressing room mirror lamp, saw smoke and smelt burn hair! Thankfully I don't have tattoos on this part of my arm. Pheew!

I got a nice surprise in the mail today. The folks from Nuffnang sent a cheque for an advertisement that ran on my blog in June. I just love how prompt these guys are. Cheers Nuffnang!!!

I'm gonna leave Starbucks once the rains stops and head for another meeting. Thanks for reading and have a pleasant weekend!


  1. Inneresting how the middle name is blurred out... hehehehe ;p

  2. Hahahaha...I hate that bloody name. Stupid god parents!!!

  3. If it makes you feel any better, as much as I love my name... I hate the fact that my name was chosen for me by my most hated aunt. :S


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