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My thoughts on NDP 2010

It's funny how they scheduled President SR Nathan's arrival after the Red Lions free fall and Total Defense display. He missed the best part of the show! I don't see why he has to miss portions of the show. He is after all the PRESIDENT. I know it doesn't mean much in Singapore but still!!!

Suhaimi Yusof and Mark Lee did an excellent job with their Sang Nila Utama segment. Both these men are gems and have the capacity to do so much more on local television. I didn't like Suhaimi on Living with Lydia but he was good in Police And Thief. I call Suhaimi and Mark the 'Mat & Beng Connection'!

I loved the music montage from the 80's and 90's. It sure brought back some good memories. The SAF music & drama company (MDC) played a big role in that segment. MDC has come such a long way. The boys in the army can say whatever they want about them. I on the other hand, have a softspot for MDC.

What's up with the inclusion of pole dancing this year? Are we bringing Joo Chiat's infamous pole dancing pubs back to life?! I thought it was tacky and it didn't do much for my eyes...

The one inclusion I loved was the wheelchair bound busker that played the trumpet. I didn't get his name though. He's always playing his trumpet outside Paragon. I told my wife some weeks back that when I die, I want this dude to play at my funeral. The next time you walk pass Paragon, show some love yeah!

Did any of you say the pledge at 8.22pm? I didn't see the point. It doesn't make me any less or more patriotic. That's just my opinion... All in all, NDP 09' was good. The organizers did a fantastic job with the small venue. What did you think of NDP 09'?


  1. great show, really. just wished those tv commentators would just SHUT UP.

  2. mr choo, make sure you buy the house opposite ours soon. i'm sure noel wanna see you say the pledge stark naked in the balcony!!!

  3. i didn't tune in to the parade on tv, but i thought about the pledge on the way home and had some trouble remembering the words.

    so much for saying it almost everyday for 11 years in school. haha.

  4. Atot: Yeah man! The commentators always spoke at the wrong time!!! It's like they didn't work the rehearsals. Maybe we should just do away with them huh?

    Remy: In your undies??! Terrible lah you. MM Lee would get a heart attack if he read this!

    Yummy Mummy: He already said he'll read the newspaper nude on the balcony. You wanna see him say the pledge nude right? Ladies and gentlemen, my wife does have weird fetishes.

    Hierra: Hahahaha...I've not forgotten the pledge yet. But I think I would mess up with the national anthem lyrics though. I have problems remembering anything that isn't in english (names included). Did you say the pledge in the end?

  5. This year NDP is totally lovely for me coz we watch it as "LIVE" and also as a family (Robin,Rachel & Me) :)
    I couldn't say how happy I was when I got the tickets :) Then again,Robin was not "into" it as he was worry if his baby could get lost in the big crowd :)

    But hey, everything when down smoothly and we enjoy the "moments".

    Being able to be there really bring a great moments :)

    Nura :)

  6. monkey mummy: yesh i know u married a veirdo

  7. Nura: That's awesome! Nothing beats a live show. I bet you guys enjoyed the fireworks and aerial display.

    How the hell did you guys cope with the heat?? I hear it was hot as hell!

    Remy: Thanks bro! Bloody piece of .....

  8. I was swimming with my Cait that period of time. HAHAHA

  9. I cam imagine you saying the pledge in the pool. It would have been a funny sight bro!

  10. To Noel,

    It wasn't that hot on that day :) Everything seem to be cooling especially when you can smell the "sea" in front of you. Wonderful, I must say :)

    When night fall, that was the most beautiful "sight". Lots of beautiful colors here and there :)



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