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The Inaugural Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards

The inaugural Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is now open for nominations. If you think this blog deserves a nomination, head on to the nomination page by clicking on the link below...

We think 'Best Entertainment Blog' and 'Best Hidden Gem' are the best categories for my blog. If you think otherwise, go ahead and choose a category of your choice.

I'll like to thank you in advance for nominating this blog and god bless!

Noel Boyd, The Tattooed Blogger


  1. aiya u also no cleavage how to win?! sure loose to those sexy SYT's with photos one lar!

  2. Stop calling me that!! One more time and I won't bring you to Perth next year!!!

    Hmm...thanks for voting though. Love you many!!

  3. eh u post some ass crack pics of yours i vote

  4. Bloody pervert!!! How about I buy you dinner instead?


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