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Michael Jackson Ghost?

Apparently, the ghost of Michael Jackson was caught on camera during CNN's Larry King Interview with Jermaine Jackson. I think it's a shadow of one of the production crew members. Well, you be the judge!


  1. hmmm interesting one.

    It definitely looks like a ghost but the picture's not clear enough to see whether it is MJ's ghost.

    ALso, if it's someone's shadow... then where is the person standing to cause the shadow to reflect there?

  2. That's something maybe the boys from TAPS could explain. It sure as hell would be freaky if that was indeed a ghost!

  3. Creepy.. but definitely a spirit. Maybe it is MJ back? He miss his old place.

  4. Well...if it is a spirit, it's definitely MJ. It's a home he built around his dreams after all...

  5. look at and what do you think is there enough art?

  6. The website seems alright. I guess you guys could add more pictures to the gallery in time. And maybe one or two pictures of the shop/studio.

    The following page doesn't work though...

    Other than that, the website looks good. :)


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