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For two consecutive days, the New Paper had an article about youths with tattoos. It's a shame that tattoos are getting bad press here in Singapore. Is it time for our country to introduce laws and regulations on the tattoo industry? Hell yeah!

For starters, there should be a law that prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from getting a tattoo. Unless that person comes down with a consenting parent, he or she shouldn't be allowed to get inked. So if there is a law that prohibits a person from tattooing an underage customer, there is a higher chance that we can tackle this problem.

Changing the public's perception of tattoos hasn't been easy. We are slowly moving pass the perception of 'tattoos means you are from a gang'. These days, most people look at tattoos as an art form. A good number of tattoo artists that I know and have worked with earn a decent living. They don't charge cheap because they are good at what they do. They work incredibly hard at their craft because they love what they do.

I got my first tattoo in my early teens. If I'm not wrong, I was fourteen when I got my first tattoo. Thankfully, I love tattoos now and most importantly, I don't have any regrets!

If you are a teenager, I urge you to wait before you get inked. Years down the road, you will thank yourself. A tattoo might hinder your chance of landing your dream job. It was my childhood dream to become a police officer. But this one tattoo I had, kissed that dream away. I can still remember walking out of the police academy feeling like crap! Years later, I tried to become a Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC). I was willing to go through the basic training of twice a week for a duration of 9 months, volunteer a total of sixteen hours a month and get paid S$3.60 an hour by the Government. Guess what? They rejected me again after I politely informed them of my tattoos. Life is a bitch I tell you!!!

My advise to anyone would be the same. If you do want to get a tattoo, for heavens sake choose the right spot! Choose an area of your body that you know you can conceal if you need to. Don't get a tattoo at the back of your neck just because you have long hair. What if one day you want to cut your hair short?!

To sum things up...



  1. "don't get a tattoo at the back of your neck just because you have long hair."

    ya balls! sigh.

  2. See!!! A living example ladies and gentlemen!!!

  3. i think they really hv to change this notion that having cops with tattoos are bad for the police image. my husband believes that these are the people they should recruit and then put into special units to handle 'special' cases (u know what i mean).
    well, i guess they've missed out some few good men...(dare i say like you??).

    cheers Noel!

  4. I love pictures and drawings of anything that catches and "melts" my heart. And the reason for that comes from my teacher who taught me during my younger days in school (p3-p6)

    of course there a lot of "crazy" going around as the teacher have tattoo but then again she was the best teacher..i have a lot respect for that lady...till today each time when i went to celebrate Teacher's Day :)


  5. Absolutely agree. Actually, people should always think before doing ANYTHING, not only before getting a tattoo - that's what brains are for.
    I know that people with tattoos can't become cosmonauts (or astronauts, whatever). But at the same time - do you really need this? Better stay alive with a tattoo then dead somewhere in the open space (or in a fight with some bad guys if you're a policeman)
    That's IMHO, of course :)

  6. To Nura: Are you sure that teachers are allowed to continue working in schools once it is revealed that they have tattoos? Some more it is a "she". The school book says students not allowed to have tattoos. I saw once a lady in singapore with entire back piece tattoo and very bad yakuza like design but my collegue says she is a lawyer in singapore. No wonder all the lawyers make off with customers money legally or run off with customers money. The most recent case is rumoured to be in May 2009, lawyer runs off with rumoured S$85,000 of clients money

  7. You are right about everything. Some ppl do tattoo without further thinking, or rather to say, use their ass to think.

    Tattoo are not that bad, that's why I always urge my friend to THINK TWICE to get ink.

    Do not get ink just because you watch Miami Ink or LA Ink or been cool with it. Its about the reason WHY you want to get ink because it follow you forever. =)

  8. its really time we hv a minimum age requirement to get tattooed.

    the local tattoo artistes have painstakingly worked so hard to eradicate the negative stigma that comes with tattoos...and trying to get society to embrace tattoos as an art form...

    AND THEN you get young punks, YOUNG IRRESPONSIBLE BRIANLESS PUNKS who do stoopid shit like this that puts tattoos back into the negative limelight and make all the hardwork people in the industry have done FUCK ALL!!

  9. yes i m all for a min age of 18 or if he/she comes wif a consenting PARENT(NOT adult.. can b any1 man. lol).

    my 1st tattoo wuz a visible 1, juz a small chinese character below my wrist. btw, i work in retail & my boss is great cos he neva says anythng abt my tattoos.but of cos he has neva seen my hanya on my right shoulder b4.heh....

    but i def agree, THINK b4 u get a tattoo OR pls get in an area where it can b covered.

    i'm out... peace~

  10. Wow! I just got back from my event at Zouk and there are so many comments!!! Reckon this is the first for my blog. Heh!

    First up, thank you to all that have left the comments above. There are too many to reply to so I'll just sum things up...

    The underage boys and girls aren't doing anything wrong cos well, there isn't a law yet. But there are school rules which need to be followed. We all know how it's like to be a teenager. I did lots of things in my time to 'fit in'.

    Right now, it does seem cool to be inked huh? Parents have a big part to play in educating their children. Funny enough, I doubt I would have listened to my folks if they had told me not to get tattooed. I was a rebellious young punk!!

    Lastly, I do know of tattoo studios that tattoo youths. These folks need to stop what they are doing. It just ain't right!

  11. To Anonymous: Yes,she did. And she is still teaching at the very same school. By the way,I don't think it is a crime to have tattoo even when you are a teacher. Of coz,as teacher you must must dress "properly"...I am proud to be in that school..and she for my teacher :)

    I believe sincerity come from the heart, mind you the school that I go was a "solid" believe in Christ :) Never judge a person by their tattoo but from their heart n soul :) See them NOT from the "outside" but the "inside" :)

    And I still believe that today :)

    Cheers, Buddy
    Nura :)


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