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Funny Spam Emails

I get emails like the ones below in my spam folder every other day. It's funny to read and I thought I'd share some of them with you. I hate those emails that say I've won a million dollars or I've inherited money from some bloody moron. But these emails below are alright!

Watch your organ grow in amazement!

Be a Gentleman and give ladies more orgasms...

This magic tablet won't let your instrument die too early.

No matter how you look - your friend down there will always looks great!

Break her down with your incompatible power.

She will come back begging for more - Bigger is better!

Your big tool will be like a soldier: big, strong and always ready.

We can't resize your whole body, but we can resize the most important part of it.

Now you can get a chick of any age.

When your male friend is sad the blue pill can cheer it up.

She will not need a magnifying glass any longer to find your instrument.

Every woman would like to clone that beast inside your pats.

If watering your tool doesn't help it become bigger we know what helps.

My favourite of them all:
When your male trunk is a little punk, we know how to help you.


  1. Your big tool will be like a soldier: big, strong and always ready. <-- doesnt apply to SAF


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