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The rain, Korea and a book

I love love loooooove rainy days! I simply love puddles, the cool weather and getting wet. Did that sound sexy? I love getting wet! Heh! But seriously, rainy days are perfect to chill out. Rainy nights are a totally different story. But let's not get into that. I'm trying to turn this blog PG.

What has been happening in the world lately? North Korea has gone berserk yet again. One can only hope that a war doesn't break out between the North and South. That's the last thing we need. Wars do more harm than good. Lot's of innocent people die and it's a waste of money! Why spend millions on weapons when you can feed the poor with those millions of dollars?!

In sports news, Newcastle got relegated. Well, I'm not surprised. They stopped playing good football a long time ago. Period!

Here's a book I mentioned some posts ago. I was working on an article for a local magazine and my lovely wife decided to give me a little motivation. Fathers' Wit is a humorous book that I'll recommend to anyone. If you are having a bad day in the office, read a page or two and you'll probably laugh. It has some of the funniest quotes ever! Real classic stuff. Here's five I like...

What's fatter than a pot-bellied pig after a cruise? My wife in seven months. - David Letterman

The worse thing that can happen to a man is to have his wife come home and he has lost the child. 'How did everything go?' 'Just great, we're playing hide and seek and she's winning'. - Sinbad

My kid's endless questions are driving me crazy... Why, why, why? Why didn't I pull out? - Steve McGrew

I bought my kids a set of batteries for christmas with a note attached saying, 'Toys not included' - Bernard Manning

My mom has been nagging my father to take up a sport, so he took up bird-watching. He's very serious about it. He bought binoculars. And a brd. - Rita Rudner

I give this book the highest honour for the number of times it made me laugh out loud. Rosemarie Jarski, you have a new fan!

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