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A mini Hangover

It's bloody tough to think when you're having a hangover, yet alone blog!!! Yeah, I'm having a mini hangover. I've had worse so this one isn't too bad. I reckon I'll be all fine and dandy in a few hours. I used to pop an aspirin whenever my hangovers got nasty. But my body decided to develop allergies to paracetamol and NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Meaning, I can't take a lot of shit! If I do, my body reacts pretty violently.

I remember lying on a cold hospital bed in 2007. All thanks to a mad scientist cum doctor who gave me a bunch of pills. The best part, the fella told me to pop two of these pills while we were drinking. Now, he is a DOCTOR. When a doctor says it's ok to mix medication with alcohol, who's to argue?! Well...four hours later, I left work early for the hospital. The scariest thing is that the doctors at Raffles Hospital said that I could have died if I had headed home.

Anyhow, I'm alive and well now. I've just got to be a little more careful about what I take these days...

I recently started moderating comments on this blog. It sucks because I never had to! Ya know, I'm still pissed with the idiots from dr. numb. These wankers are plain cheap! Even till this day, he or she is still leaving the same fucking comments. How retarded is that?!

It's not all about the money. If a person or business doesn't have money but needs some form of advertising on this blog, I'll be glad to help. I've done free advertising so many times. Why? Because I genuinely want to help. But when you get wankers that leave 5 or more of the same comments on a single post, he or she needs to get a hard smack across the face!

So with the new comment moderation thingy, all I need to do is read the first few words before I decide to reject or approve each comment. I'll cheers to that!

Lastly, my thanks to Azzucar for having me last night. My thanks to Ashvin as well. It was good to see you again buddy!

I'm outta here. Have a good weekend and god bless!


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