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Chelsea robbed!

It has been confirmed. Mas Selamat is indeed in Malaysian custody. I just hope he hasn't had the opportunity to regroup his JI cell. Regardless, this is excellent news for both Singapore and Asia. It will be interesting to know how he got to Malaysia. Did anyone assist him? My guess is that he took a boat ride to Malaysia. Only time will tell...

Enough about Mas Selamat. Let's talk about the Chelsea-Barcelona match. Everyone knows that I talk shit about Chelsea all the time. Mostly because my wife supports them. Heh! Seriously man, Chelsea was robbed! This referee, Tom Henning Ovrebo, has to be the worse that I've seen in a long time. Chelsea played an outstanding game and for them to bow out of the Champions League because of a lousy referee, must suck for the players and fans.

Soccer is an emotional game. Ever player plays to win. No matter what happens on the field, you'd want to walk away the winner. I used to go ballistic on the field. I would scream and swear at my defenders from start to end, hassle the referee at every given oppurtunity, etc... And yeah, we/I fought on the field. All but once did I get the red card thanks to a mass brawl.

Were the Chelsea players playing like sore losers? Hell no! They reacted like men who were clearly robbed of a victory. To me, there's nothing wrong in that. Not once did any of them assault the ref (though I think Drogba was close to giving him an Ivorian beating of a lifetime). Would I want my son to have the same passion for the sport? Certainly folks!

Me need food! Me need food! I'm craving for some good old bak kut teh! I'm heading across to my second favourite stall. Keep on smiling and have a smashing friday. Later folks!


  1. i totally agree!! daylight robbery man! they totally deserve to be thru to the final after the way they managed to contain the much-feared Barca attack..

    but that's just life i guess. dammit!

  2. Sorry,i disagree. Chelsea went to the Nou-Camp to play a defensive game and held Barca to a 0-0 draw. Away goals being so important,this was a silly move. But to play one striker (Drogba) at home was suicide. Yes, there was some bad ref decisions but that goes both ways. being a united supporter i was hoping Chelsea would win as Barca on song is a scary thought.Just ask Real.
    As for Drogba's reaction at final whistle,it was a sad moment for the beautiful game.

  3. to jona-tat.2: I thought Chelsea played well enough to be in the finals. The defense was rock solid till the late equaliser. Funny enough, the UEFA website predicted the 1-1 score. Read about it at this link...

    to Anonymous: I agree about Barcelona being on song. I didn't see the trashing they gave to Real coming. In fact, I was shocked by the score. It takes a special team to win by that many goals at the Bernabéu.

    Chelsea vs United in the finals would have been sweet. I reckon Drogba will be sold once the seasons wraps up. My guess is that he'll end up in Inter. But with a likely UEFA ban, it'll be tough finding a job at a top club.


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