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When the going gets tough,,,

After more than a month or so, I went crabbing with Vik today. I love crabbing. It gives me a chance to have a couple of beers at the beach and to talk to Vik. So yeah, I reached Sembawang beach today in a good mood. Happy as hell I might add.

After half an hour or so, this group of men in blue caught my attention. Now, you don't see boys in blue at the spot we crab often. It's a fucking ulu place! The last time we saw them was when Mas Selamat escaped from detention. After awhile, this police officer came over to ask if I had seen anything. I'm always in my own world, it turned out to be a good thing today. Vik on the other hand saw this Chinese male in his late thirties walk pass us when we were setting up our traps. The thing about this guy, he was dressed in a white shirt, pants and formal shoes. Certainly not the attire of a fisherman.

Guess what? This guy walked a 100 metres from where we were and sprinted into the sea. He did this in full view of an elderly couple that were fishing nearby.

I want to say that this incident spoilt my day. That would be selfish. I just feel fuckin lousy. Here was a guy that had a shit load of problems that he couldn't deal with yet nobody at the beach had a chance to do anything to help. I can't even begin to imagine what his family is going through right now.

Guys and gals, I know this is gonna be a hard year for all of us. When shit does hit the fan, think about the people around you. And yeah, for those of you that aren't suicidal, it won't cost you a cent to be a friend. Cos right now, I wish I could have been befriended that guy for just five minutes. Maybe that would have changed things. Maybe...

When we left Sembawang beach at 8.30pm, the boys from the Naval Diving Unit were still searching for his body. The naval response unit is responsible for locating drowning victims. I hope they find him soon. Dear John Doe, I hope you are in a better place. R.I.P.


  1. Halfway reading thru, I thought you saw the spirit of the taxi uncle who was murdered and dumped at Sembawang, run and jumped into the sea.

    Phew, so it's a live person who jump into the sea.

    RIP to that fellow.

  2. A taxi driver was murdered and dumped at Sembawang?!

  3. a guy just jump off the bridge at clarke quay on saturday.heard he was drunk and his hp fell into the water, so he went after it.didn't find his body till monday.3 cases already bro

  4. Hmm, was that at Clarke Quay or Boat Quay? I heard that this guy at Boat Quay jumped into the river after a quarrel with his gf. But 3 cases so far? That's harsh man...

  5. woah!! what an "eventful" day.

    i didn't think anyone committed suicide by drowning anymore these days. i guess i was wrong.

  6. Yeah, I guess a person would do just about anything if they have given on life. That's real sad...


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