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Yesterday's Crabs

Yesterday's crabbing was awesome! The weather was good and the place was quiet. Thank goodness the December holidays are over. We caught fourteen crabs altogether. That isn't too shabby right? My buddy Vik caught the only mud crab (picture below).

Just to show ya'll how big/small this fella is...

There are 2 simple rules we follow while we are out crabbing. We have to release the small crabs we catch. You won't believe what we see on our trips. We see goons bringing home little tiny crabs. What's up with that?! The second rule is that we have to release female crabs with eggs. These crabs are loaded with thousands of tiny eggs. This means thousands of little crabbies!!!

Anyhow, I cooked Chili crabs for the family last night...

These are the crabs at Bottle Tree Village (at Sembawang). They have the biggest fucking crabs!! Do visit them if you are looking for a joint that has great ambiance and ultra good food. Make sure you are driving or take a cab!

Oh yeah, there is another rule. We ONLY use fish as bait. We tried using squid once but it didn't work. However, we saw a S.O.B using shark meat as bait. I hope the bastard choked on his crab feast!


  1. yet again, the crabs look yummy! you sure know how to cook up a storm boy!

  2. Hey, isnt that S.O.B a certain someone we all know?! He told me he was gonna use the shark as bait!

  3. to Anonymous: Hahaha...Thanks! Pictures can be deceiving...

    to Missbitchalot: No lah! He was kidding. The fella that used the shark bait was this old fuck. Another Mr. Know It All. Pui pui pui!!

  4. hi noel,

    how did that old fuck get the shark ah? u shld have used that left over shark's head and bitch slap him.

  5. Soopid starfish! Lying to me all! Hmfph!

    So he didn't kill the shark did he?

  6. to Atot: He must have bought the shark meat from a wet market. I saw a small shark for sale at this wet market in AMK a few months ago. I wanted to tell the stall holder off but he couldn't speak English and I can't speak Hokkien!

    I strongly believe in retribution. He used the shark meat as bait to catch the crabs. The crabs in turn would ensure he chokes on his meal. If that didn't happen, I'll push him over the railings the next time we see the bastard!

    to MissBitchAlot: My friendship with him would have ended then and there if he had killed the shark. He loves animals too much to do something like that. He's a big softie at heart. Heee...

  7. Don't cheat my feelings like that next time can, im naive and fragile.
    I wanted to beat the soopid starfish with a big stick the next time i saw him!

    And as for the wanker of a shark killer, i hope he dies a horrible death! Gggrrrrr.

  8. YES!

    Naive: I believed the 2 of u! *pffft*
    Fragile: I was plenty upset!

  9. Oooh yummy crabs. I is the jealousness.

    Speaking of shark meat, some fish and chips shops here use shark meat. While I would not eat shark meat, I think I'd be more forgiving of people who actually use the whole shark (just like how the rest of us eat fish) than those who harvest the fins then throw them back into the water to die. My two cents. :)

    That said, judging from the size of the head.... that looked like a young shark which shouldn't even have been caught in the first place!!! :(

  10. Come on back and I'll feed you all the crabs you can eat!

    They do what?! Shark meat in fish and chips?? That's completely whack man!

    Many shark species are endangered, and a number are on the verge of extinction. So eating them whole would be wrong too.

    As for the fin, it's damn bloody cruel. I would love to see the governments do something about it. But they won't cos it'll interfere with their trade agreements. Damn it!!!

  11. Yea, I've seen it before!

    I'm guessing that the shark that they do serve will be the non-endangered ones? Australia's pretty strict about things like that.

    Actually, I'd quite like to learn how to crab, if you could teach me (and if I manage to squeeze some time in while I'm back in town!). The only crabbing I've done is when I went to Sungei Buloh to help catch horse shoe crabs for the Fragile Forest! Fun stuff! Even if I did end up splattered in mud. hahaha


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