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I'm giving it a miss!

Due to the event I have on Saturday along with personal commitments on Sunday, I will not be attending the Tattoo Show. For those going, do show some love and visit the following booths...

Flash INK Tattoo Magazine - It's a super cool magazine. Plus I'm in it along with Jonathan and Munster!

Flyback Tattoo - Kick-ass tattoos by Jerry and Yus!

Shark Tattoo Studio - Well, Scott is my cousin. Need I say more?

Kustoms 7 Tattoos - I've featured Jap Loh on my blog last year. An awesome artist that loves bikes. I believe they will be showcasing some airbrushed Harleys. Sweet!

Exotic Tattoos - My sista and colleagues will be rocking the booth at the tattoo show. Su has been working really hard to get everything together for the show. So make sure you drop by and say hi!

After you are done with these folks, be sure to visit the other Singapore & International booths...

(ps: To those that have asked if I could hook them up with tickets, I ain't got any!! If I was going, I'd have to pay too, despite all the promotional work I've done on this blog for the event. Tough marbles ya'll!)


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