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The First...

I watched a fantastic documentary called Bigger Stronger Faster. "Is it still cheating if everyone's doing it?" is the big question asked in this documentary. Chris Bell, the director, probed the usage of steroids in every possible angle. I'm still divided about the use of drugs in sports. If it makes you a better athlete, it is a good thing right?

To those that are totally against the use of steroids and sports enhancement drugs, I do have a question for you. Would you do these drugs if it guarantees you a job? A job that would pay rent and most importantly, feed your family. Would you? I sure would...

The gig I did at Sentosa on Saturday was helluva fun. It was actually a first for many things...
- For the first time, I saw Jona-Tat.2 topless. Nice ink bro!

- I did twins! I mean, I airbrushed this pair of twins. Heh!

- Bacardi Pineapple never tasted so bloody good!! After 30 odd days without touching a drop of alcohol, I had two glasses of rum. For those interested, I ran it by my wife before I drank...

- It was the first and probably last time I'll ever do airbrush tattoos for two dollars a pop. It just isn't good for business...

- Never in my life have I seen so many injuries at a sports event. My work station was located next to the First Aid corner. I'm actually terrified of beach soccer now. Damn! The worse injury I saw was this dude with a broken arm. His hand was actually dangling!!!!

- I've never had a staff/colleague faint at one of my events. Thanks to the dangling arm, she passed out!!! I'm laughing now but she sure as hell freaked the shit outta me!

So yeah, I enjoyed working the gig and I'm looking forward to more beach events. Before I end this post, I'll like to inform everyone that I am no longer with EZ Tattoo. For now, my airbrush services are available exclusively to events. If you would like to have us at your upcoming party or event, visit our website for prices, information and pictures. Do continue to support David, Sha and Vik at EZ. Those three dudes are fantastic people and I'm blessed to have work with them. Love you bros!

I'm gonna watch the repeat of the Golden Globes Awards. Have a good start to the week and god bless!

(ps: I'm going crabbing tomorrow...)


  1. How much do airbrush tattoos usually cost?

  2. to ~*Starryluvly*~: It starts from 5 bucks. That's for a small tatt the size of a stamp. A good majority of my airbrush tatts start from $10. A full sleeve would cost at least $150 and a full back tatt would be $200.00.

    to Lounge Lizard: Hmm...I'm gonna become a rock star!!!


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