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Civil servant rapped over cooking holiday

What is the fuss all about? Was this just another excuse for Singaporeans to complain? Or do we just have a bunch of jealous Singaporeans? What's so wrong about a civil servant, Mr. Tan Yong Soon, that used his hard earned money to pay for his family cooking vacation. Should I even add that the civil servant is human?! He could make paper aeroplane with his money for all I care!

Some may argue that he shouldn't have shared his holiday experience with a local newspaper. My question to that would be WHY NOT? After all, he did spend at least S$45,000 on the holiday in Paris. Heck, if I had spent $45k on a holiday, I would be talking about it on this blog for weeks if not months.

It's true that many of us are going through a tough time when it comes to money. Yours truly included. After paying my overdue internet bill, I'm broke as hell. But I ain't bitching about Mr. Tan's holiday. In fact, I think it's awesome he went on the holiday. I hope he cooks really well by now. Anyway, he worked hard to be where he is today. With hard work comes good things. That's my philosophy in life.

For those that are against Mr. Tan's holiday, I suggest they head down to Gucci at Paragon and complain whenever a Singaporean walks out of the boutique with a Gucci paper bag. Or head down to Dragonfly @ St. James Power Station on Friday. You'll be amazed at the number of Chivas bottles they sell in a night!

All I'm saying here is that there is nothing wrong with going for a holiday if you CAN afford it. The same applies when you shop, drink and eat at a fine dining restaurant. Also, there is nothing wrong with sharing your holiday experience. Be it with friends, strangers or the press.

We all have our own opinion. What's yours?


  1. hi noel,

    my sentiments exactly. i think they are just jealous lah. i would like to quote an article i came across by MM Lee's daughter. some part of it do relate to ur piece above.

    "Being wealthy is not a sin. It cannot be in a capitalist market economy. Enjoying the fruits of one's own labour is one's prerogative and I have no right to chastise those who choose to live luxuriously" unquote....

    seriously, its his own hard earned money. and i like to believe that he was asked abt it, he didnt flaunt it right? so what's the fuss abt ah?

  2. MM daughter is so right! Unless it's money from a charity, who are we as society to say anything?!

    I'm sure he was asked about his holiday. That's how news articles come about.

    Jealously is a very bad thing!

  3. I don't understand what the big fuss is.

    He has a right to spend his money however he sees fit - as long as he's not using it to fund assasinations on random people, what's the big deal?

    You're right, it's all jealousy! And frankly, I think it's just a horrendous ploy by the newspaper to boost sales.

  4. Exactly! Some people just have too much time on their hands!!!

    The poor guy got a earful from the Minister of Defense. All cos of a holiday that he was proud of. That's crap!


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