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Another brand new year!

Have you come up with your New Year's resolution list yet? I can't recall a resolution that I've kept. Needless to say, I suck at it! But, that ain't gonna stop me from coming up with a list. Here's it!

1) Learn to drive!: Well, my wife came up with this one. She made me promise that I'll stick to the plan and get my license. It sure looks like I can't get out of this one. If it's one thing I've learnt about women, we men have got to keep our promises. They can go on and on and on...

2) Get rid of my beer gut!: It's been almost five years and my tummy keeps getting bigger! Wanna know what's messed up? I've not touched alcohol, particularly beer, for 29 days and my tummy got bigger. What's up with that?! So, I'm gonna do everything in my might to get rid of this unsightly beer gut!

3) Read More: It was only in December last year that I started reading books again. Seriously, the last time I read an entire book was when I was 17. Ann got me two books for Christmas. Rich Dad Poor Dad is an amazing read and I'll start reading The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew soon. I love this man for everything he has accomplished. This book will be a joy to read...

That's it! It's short and sweet. Let's see what happens by the end of the year!


  1. hi noel,

    hi-5 bro!!! i dun do resolutions too!! but i do list of things i wanna accomplished for that year.
    and like you, my 1st to do list is to finish off my driving lessons too. i'm stuck at the FTE thang. bloody stupid to mix all the questions with those manual transmission cars. what the hell do i know anyway? but since i came this far, just have to study study study and hopefully make it on time b4 the next test dates.

  2. Hi Atot! I looked at your profile and I'm a little confused. Haha...what's your email addy?

    I don't think I'll do well with the multiply choice test. Why can't it be easy to pass like the States and Australia?! And it's so expensive!!!!

  3. Happy New Year!

    As for resolution number 3... I think you might quite enjoy Zamba by Ralph Helfer. It's "the true story of the greatest lion that ever lived" :D

  4. And yes, it's ridiculously easy to pass driving in Australia. I managed to pass my test... eventhough I stalled the engine 4 times!!

    I think it's because they also take your reaction to the situation into account. I was prepared cos I knew I would stall if I was nervous and my instructor made me practise restarting the car engine asap. So I think that's why I ended up passing. hehehe.

  5. Ahhh...I heard about that book. I'll keep a look out the next time I'm at Taka.

    The engined stalled four times?! I would have gotten out and trashed the car. Hahaha...

    Seriously man, I know for a fact that I've got to wear a long sleeve top for the test if I wanna have a higher chance of passing.

    How much did it cost to learn driving Down Under?

  6. hi noel,

    why are u confused at my profile? its very plain & simple lei. haha.
    but anyway, u can email me at

    and yesh, i agree. its a bloody expensive lessons. per practical is like close to $80 like that. FYI, i started in 2007. i must have been the longest student there.

  7. I honestly cannot remember how much it cost me to do my lessons. It was about three years ago now! Might have been about 60ish for a one and a half hour practical session?

    They are making it increasingly harder for people to get their full licences.

    Bruce didn't have P plates in 1998.

    The year before I got my P plates, they only had to have it for a year. I had to have my P plates on for two years. And before I could get my P plates, I had to sit a Hazard Perception test after doing 24 hours of driving accompanied by someone who's had their licence for 4 years.

    And now I think they've divided the stages even further and increased the requirements. :s

  8. to Atot: Hahaha! I'm gonna take private. Reckon it's 25 bucks per hour. I'll email ya soon!

    to ~*Starryluvly*~: I reckon it shouldn't be easy to pass. We don't need morons on the road. But, it shouldn't be too difficult either.

    I didn't know they have P plates there too. Ya know, I sometimes think P plates are a hindrance to a driver. Some P plate drivers get bullied on the road.

    Is it the same over there?

  9. I think over here, people tend to be a bit more friendly towards P platers and will normally be extra careful around them. I know most people were pretty kind to me when they saw my plates.

    That said because most P platers are teenagers who are way too excited about finally being able to drive, they also get a bad rep for being really reckless drivers. I am guessing that that is why they have made the laws more strict with regards to getting your licence.

    I think under the new laws, P platers are not allowed to have any alcohol in the blood system while they are driving and can have their licences suspended if they break that rule. Also, I think there's a stage during the P plate where they are only allowed to drive unaccompanied if they are going to school or work. Something like that. I'm not up to date with regards to all these new laws - I just laugh at the poor suckers!!! (yea, I'm mean, I know.)

  10. I think that is an awesome law! I strongly feel that nobody should be allowed to drive after they drink. Some of us can go through 2 mugs of beer easily. But I know of some who get wasted after a mug.

    To solve the problem, they should just not allow drivers to drink. I reckon that saves lives and a whole lot of heartache.

    Courtesy goes a long way. But here in Singapore we lack in that department. As MM Lee once said, we don't have a gracious society...


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