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Countdown to 2009

4 more days till we welcome 2009! Personally, I don't want 08 to end. It's been a fantastic year for me. Getting married, having Drayden in my life, the media interviews, etc... Since I can't stop time, I'm just gonna pray and hope 2009 will be the same if not better!

I know for a fact that my airbrush business will be better next year. We will be doing a bulk of events at Downtown East and we've got children parties, carnivals and corporate events lined up for the first 4 months of 09'. My goal is for the airbrush business to cater to events full-time. Considering the queues we have at our gigs, our clients are guaranteed their money's worth. And that my friends is a good deal!

And of course there is this blog to think of. As of this date, this blog has a Google PageRank of 3. I'm gonna work my ass off to get a 4 or even a 5. The Google PageRank is all so important when it comes to advertising. So the higher the PageRank, the more a webmaster can charge for paid advertisements. With that said, you the reader, can look forward to some new weekly and monthly columns. I'll probably get the line-up finalised by the 30th of this month. So do look out for that post aite...

Besides work, Vik and I will continue where we left off. I'm talking Crab Wars folks! There's supposed to be a new belt for our weekly challenge. I love chilling by the beach and crabbing allows me to take my mind off shit. So if any of you would like to join us, lemme know!

I could go on and on about 2009. But I need to rest my back. I think I fucked it up at a gig earlier in the day. Plus I need to guide Liverpool to the Premiership title on Football Manager 2009. Have a good Sunday and god bless!


  1. I've volunteered my stomach to eat the crabs already...

    Call me!

  2. nah it was a sucky year for me. glad it's finally over. hope the new year brings new surprises. :)

    i wanna go crabbing too!


  3. to Lounge Lizard: Hahaha! You've got to work for your food dude!!!

    to munster: I hope and pray that 2009 will be a good year for you. Think positive and everything will be good.

    Well, I'll let you know when we are going k!

  4. so how's FM 2008? haha i heard the new biggie is the 3D match engine right? haven't gotten my hands on a copy yet! dammit!

    can't wait to guide my Chelsea to glory!

  5. oops. correction to last. i meant FM 2009. haha. still living in the past man.

  6. Hahaha...2009 rocks! I just finished my first season as manager of the GREATEST team ever, Liverpool. Guess what? Stinky Chelsea won the league!!! Damn it!

    The 3D match is freaking amazing bro! It has brought FM to a whole new dimension. Now all they need to do is to buy rights to use the EPL club logos and player images.

    So yeah, get the damn game now bro!

  7. haha! i'm just waiting for my next pay to get my hands on that must-have game! =)

    actually ya can just download the logos and team kits online and put it into the game folders and there ya have it! EPL logos and kits for FM! that's what i always do.


  8. You can do that???! Where in the blue moon do I download that?!

    Hmm...where are you working at bro?


  10. It'll be a Tuesday, probably from 2pm onwards at Sembawang. How does that sound?

  11. jon, i would like to congratulate you on your wise choice. =)

    BLUE IS THE COLOR! woo hoo!!!

    Chelsea Chelsea!!!!

    - the missus =)

  12. I'll be honest and say this. It's got nothing to do with me being a Liverpool fan. Chelsea SUCKS!!! If it wasn't for your billionaire owner, you guys will still be loitering in lower half of the league.

    With that said, money bought ya'll success!

  13. awwww....don't be so bitter cos nobody thinks Liverpool is worth investing their moolah in. *hugs Noel tight tight*

    keep trying, and some day, some one WILL notice y'all and pay you some attention k.

    and THEN y'all can join us BIG BOYS up here.

    Chelsea will be right infront of ya! lol....


  14. let me talk to my good friend, the Sultan of Brunei. maybe i can convince him to invest his loose change in y'all.

    *runs and hides*

  15. Haven't ya'll noticed?! We are at the top of the table! But in the meanwhile, Chelsea should try to sort out the mess in their team. It's funny how a player of yours could lose his desire to play football. It has to be the club! It's Monday Blues every single day at Stamford Bridge!!!

  16. alamak.. "uncle" tuesday wrking day lah.. there goes my 2009 resolution.. making crabbing my weekend hobby.. (giggles)

  17. Hahaha...I'm super busy with work over the weekends!


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