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Alcohol after 17 days...

I've been helluva busy with work. December is the only time of the year where there are events happening all over Singapore at the same time. Take Downtown East for example. I'm at Wild Wild Wet where the Splashing Fun with the Mermaids is happening. Over at the main lobby of Downtown East, there's a magic show with Gordon K. There's also the Teen Titans meet and greet session at Escape Theme Park. You get the gist...

Today, or rather yesterday since it's after midnight, I was at Downtown East in the day and at St James Power Station yet again. It was at St James that I had alcohol after seventeen long days. Before ya'll go "oh god", let me explain what happened.

This waitress was walking around with a tray of drinks. She approached me asking if I wanted one.

Me: What's in this?
Waitress: Pin-apple
Me: Huh?
Waitress: Pin-apple!
Me: Is there alcohol in this?
Waitress: No sir. Pin-apple!

I took a glass and asked again "no alcohol right?". She gave me a weird look and walked away. I took one big sip and guess what? There was fucking alcohol in my drink!! Rum with PINEAPPLE to be exact! For those wondering, I gave the drink to Vik. Next time, I'll just ask a foreigner working in Singapore if there is any vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, bourbon or freaking tequila in my drink. Christ!

Here are two pictures from the event (You've Got M@il Party) we did at St James. The pictures are courtesy of Live! studios. Visit their webby by clicking here. They are really good at what they do!

It's great to be working with Nora again. She's been helping me out at my events for the last month...

Mr. Vik was the other airbrush artist at the event.

I'm signing off. It's another super long day ahead. Take care and enjoy the weekend. Love to all!


  1. helllo vik!! and hello noel!!!


  2. This is funny shit! Just glad you're still going strong mate!

    -A ex colleague

  3. good for u bro..i guess it won't hurt to drink as long as we know our limits.hope everything is ok now with your the way your kid is lookin a lot like you..haha

  4. to Anonymous: Hello Munster!!!

    to Anonymous: Hello mysterious ex-colleague!

    to crazyrazormonkey: Thanks bro! I reckon it's better I don't lah. It's better to be safe than sorry. I still have my ciggies so it ain't that bad. Heh!

    to Soul Searching: Thanks babe!


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