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5 reasons to attend the Singapore Tattoo Show 2009!


1) Chris Garver from Miami Ink is the show's ambassador! How cool is that?!

2) Some of best international artists will be tattooing at the show. Be sure to check out Paul Booth, Bob Tyrrell and Robert Hernandez.

3) 19 tattoo studios from Singapore and 89 international tattoo studios/artists have booked booths at the show.

4) A 1 day pass will only cost you SGD18.00. That's cheap considering the amount of art that you'll see. Pictures, live tattoo sessions and colourful tattoo folks walking all over Singapore Expo...

5) Flash INK Tattoo Magazine Singapore will debut at the tattoo show. Yep, Singapore's very own tattoo magazine. I'll like to add that it's our first and only tattoo magazine. Be sure to pick up a copy when you are at the show! If you turn to a certain page, you'll find me and a very cool interview...

You can purchase your tickets online by clicking here. You can also get your tickets at Body Decor Tattoo, Exotic Tattoos and Utopia Studio. See ya'll at the show!


  1. o yeah... will b going. btw Noel, i saw u at Flyback on Mon.. when u came in 2 smoke. i wuz the 1 sitting on the chair near the wall...haha

  2. Eh? I went there a few times on Monday. Why didn't say hello? =(

  3. yeah u were act finishing up ur ciggie fast 2 go bac 2 EZ... nxt time i will surely say hi... sry 8p


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