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The White Tiger Incident at Singapore Zoo


Yep, Singaporeans are discussing, bitching and debating about the recent white tiger attack. It's funny how all of a sudden, some people have become animals experts. I told a cabby off yesterday. The idiot knew nuts about big cats. I know nuts about them but I do know something. One should never enter their enclosure!!!

I used to work at the Singapore Zoo. Believe me when I say this, the keepers practise extra caution when working with animals. In my time at the zoo, I've been tossed by a bull, bitten by an Indian Rock phython, scratched by a Celebus Ape and cornered in a room by two curious sealions. But hey, I loved working in the zoo.

Anyhow, the guy that jumped into the enclosure deserved everything he got. I know he died but he deserved it nonetheless. What was he thinking?!

Maybe he had a mental breakdown or was suffering from depression. The tigers would have been shot had the shooters arrived sooner than the five minutes they took. Think about it... Would that have been fair? Hell no! These beautiful white tigers didn't do anything wrong in my books. I would have done the exact same thing if someone entered my house uninvited.

I'll like to enforce the fact that this contract worker didn't fall into the enclosure. He deliberately jumped in and crossed the moat. After which, he provoked the curious tigers with a broom. What followed next can only be explained by the video that was taken by a tourist. I hope to see the video someday.

Well folks, what do you think? Kindly leave your comments below...


  1. Deathwish definitely.. I pray they re-open the White Tiger exhibit by Jan 09. Intend to bring wife to see Mandai Zoo after Singapore Tattoo Show 2009.

  2. Hi Harry! From what I hear, the tiger enclosure might even be opened as early as Wednesday. So no worries mate, you'll enjoy the zoo in January.

    Where are you from?

  3. I really think that people need to understand that the animals kept in zoos and wildlife parks are not domesticated, are not pets, and have little or no empathy for human beings. I also hate that the animals get punished whenever people do stupid shit like climb in to enclosures.

  4. I am just as pissed off as you are. I was pissed off enough to write to long posts about it on my blog!

    I guess I'm extra pissed because I used to volunteer at the zoo. I've had a few close encounters of my own and I know how anal they get about safety as well.

    The zoo can only do so much - it can prevent the animals from escaping and running around biting people but it can't exactly do anything to prevent people who go out of their way to antagonise the animals can they??

  5. Oh, and am I the only one who thought it was ridiculous that people could still think it was some sort of animal show??? Seriously?!

    Everyone is quick to blame the keepers for not acting quickly - but I want to know why nobody made any fuss the minute the guy was in the moat??

  6. I say the dude deserved it. And if the tigers had been shot, I would have cursed his family too!

    Thank God they decided not to shoot em kitties! Hallelujah!

  7. totally agree. what was he thinking? happy belated birthday. :)

  8. It's tough to reply to all the comments individually. I'm just glad ya'll agree! The next few days will see the media question the safety and standard of the keepers.

    I'll just like to say this...Nobody in the zoo works harder than the zookeepers. I worked there for 3 years and it was a bitch to work under the sun and rain. Thank god we don't have snow here. Heh! But I loved the job because I love animals.

    So yeah, for those of us that love animals, we understand them better. For those that don't, they are as ignorant as the fella who entered the enclosure.

  9. I think all of you are missing the bigger picture. Animals shouldn't be in zoos, theme parks and circuses. There have been many injuries and worst still, even deaths at the many circus rings around the globe.

    So, none of this would have happened if we left the animals alone. To live in the natural habitat where god intended them to be!

  10. if I may... many animals won't be around if it weren't for zoos and wildlife parks. Humans need to know or at least see what's worth saving no?

  11. Tarzan, I think you're missing the point. It's idiotic to compare the zoo with a circus. Reputable zoos are doing everything and more to ensure that the many species on the endangered list are mating and that their numbers aren't dwindling in captivity. This is something that simply cannot be done in the wild.

    A good example are the Orang Utans in the Singapore Zoo. As a Singaporean, I am proud to say that the Singapore Zoo has a very good Orang Utan birth rate. In fact, it's the highest in the world. With that said, we have the largest colony of Orang Utans in captivity.

    Should we stop building high rise buildings, railway tracks or any other that is commonly used to end one's life? I don't think so...

    (ps: I totally agree with you Marie...)

  12. Carrie, I tried leaving a comment at your blog ( but I keep getting an error message, It says "Sorry, you must be logged in to post a comment". Grrrr...

    Anyhow, awesome blog babe!


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