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My Water Baby

I'm back from my polytechnic gig. The response to the airbrush tattoo service was good as usual. In no way am I a helluva good artist. I know I'm not. But, at every event I've done in the last six months, there is always a queue at my booth. From kids to adults to the elderly, they all queue! Why? Bodyart is the in thing now. That's why!

So, if you're thinking of setting up a new business, I would advise you to give airbrushing a shot. You don't need to be artistic to work with tiny airbrush tattoo stencils. All you gotta do is to learn the technique. You also need to have the proper business sense. That's something not everyone has...

I brought my son swimming yesterday. Boy did he have a ball of a time!!! He's such a adorable baby. He stayed in the tub for almost 45 minutes. That's a long time for a baby to be in the water. Being his second attempt at swimming, I'm really proud of my little boy. Enjoy the pics and video...

Alrighty...I'm gonna watch cable for a bit before I call it a night. It's another long day at Singapore Polytechnic tomorrow. Have a good one and sweet dreams!


  1. haha cute..is the float supposed to be around the neck???!

  2. Of course la! Then put where?! I need to buy 4D later. This is the first time you've left a comment on my blog. Yaaaay!


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