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I'm not a tattoo artist!

I can't quite stress this enough. I am not a tattoo artist. Not now anyway. Maybe in the near future if I'm good enough. I'm an airbrush artist. I'm not fantastic at my job but I'm improving. I get lots of emails asking me to design tattoos or to book a tattoo appointment. I'm seriously thinking of adding a disclaimer at the top of the blog. I am a tattoo enthusiast. I love tattoos. I'm like any other dude you see on the streets with tattoos...

This blog has been getting lots of hits thanks to the white tiger incident. It seems these people land on my blog while searching for the white tiger attack video. Well, there ain't a video online! As far as I know, there are 3 groups that have the video. The Singapore Zoo has a copy for their own investigation and future research, the cops have the video for their investigation and the New Paper got theirs from a group of youngsters (I hope to god the boys made a hell lotta money from the video). I say, give it some time and the video will show up somewhere. It's just not gonna happen anytime soon...

The zoo's annual Keepers Night is two weeks away. They are breaking tradition and having it at the Jurong Bird Park. I hope the keepers will put aside all that's gone down recently and enjoy their night. I'm sponsoring my airbrush services along with sound, lights and a pretty decent deejay. We'll see what happens...

Joe Wang from 8 Volts will be featured in my Rate This Ink Singapore. Look out for it later today. I've got tons to do today. See ya later!


  1. I'm quite disgusted that some people on Youtube have purposely named their videos so that people searching for the tiger attack videos will click on and watch their videos.

    That aside, a video of the tiger attack has already popped up on Youtube. I'm not sure if this is the one which was shot by the teenage boys - it's really grainy and only lasts about 47 seconds.

  2. Oh are right! That is the video. Damn!

  3. I totally agree with you. Same thing happened after 9-11, Bali Bombing, etc...People will do anything to get folks to watch their videos and read their blog.

    Hmm, I've linked you under the 'Blogs I Read'. =)


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