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Talk talk talk...

My wife calls me a 'People Person'. A good friend used to sit and wonder how I could talk to random strangers like they were old friends. An ex-girlfriend got so pissed once because I got out of the taxi queue to have a smoke with this dude that was behind us. I might add that we were the next in line to get a cab.

For starters, I love to talk. Back in school, I was always getting into trouble cos I couldn't keep my damn mouth shut. Countless times I got my ass kicked out of class. That too didn't stop me. I would talk to just about anyone that would walk by. Unfortunately, it'll be the school discipline master most of the time. That was a total bummer!

If any of you have met me before, you'll know how I am. I either smile and greet anyone I see or I give a simple nod to acknowledge their presence. If I don't, it probably means I'm in my own world. I'm one of those dudes that's always thinking or imagining random things. I can be the President one moment, a WWE wrestler the next and a porn star the next. Pretty cool imagination huh?

Aite...I need to attend to a customer. Have a good one and god bless!

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