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The Singapore Tattoo Industry

In a post last week, I mentioned about the Singapore Tattoo Show that's gonna happen next year. It's that just awesome? If the Tattoo Show doesn't lift the local tattoo scene to a whole new level, I dunno what will.

I told a group of girls that interviewed me last week that the tattoo industry here is booming. It might just be the fastest growing industry in Singapore. It's a safe bet to assume that anyone who is willing to invest in the tattoo industry now, will make money. It could be a tattoo themed merchandise & apparel shop or a tattoo affiliated pub.

On the Singapore Tattoo Directory that I compiled for this blog, there are 53 shops in Singapore. I added Andrew Skin Tattoo Studio over the weekend after chancing upon it while having supper. I hope to add Jayen's new tattoo shop at Ang Mo Kio in the next few days. So yeah, the list will read 54 soon.

But hey, anyone can become a tattoo artist. Before you start scratching your head, hear me out. All a person needs to do is to purchase a bunch of tattoo supplies. With the volume of tattoo products coming out from China, anyone can get their hands on a reasonably cheap start-up kit. I'll like to add that cheap is never good. The same rule applies to tattoos. Hence the saying, "Good tattoos aren't cheap, Cheap tattoos aren't good".

Let's say a group of 5 friends split the cost of the start-up kit. 50 bucks a person and they'll be tattoo artists within days. Sounds easy right? Wrong!

How many people have you seen with tatts that look so wrong. I've seen way too many people walk by and I go "oh my god". The whole bloody arm looks like a pile of ugly green crap! Mean but very true.

While anyone can be a tattoo artist, only a selected bunch become exceptionally good at it. This bunch didn't become good overnight. Its took years of hard work and practice for them to achieve what they have on their plate.

Singapore is moving in the right direction. It took us a hell of a long while to get here. We have to be careful not to rush things and it's important for us to educate Singaporeans about tattoos. The tattoo community has a huge role to play. I'm sick of looking at the Singapore Prison print ads. All their ads have a tattoo somewhere. But this will change someday. I'm pretty darn sure about it.

This week's 'Rate This Ink Singapore' features Joe Finch. It's a cover-up tattoo which I thought was pretty cool. I hope you'll feel the same. Also, I'm doing an interview with a new tattoo magazine later today. I'll post more about it if it's ok with the mag.

I'm heading to dreamland. Stay safe and god bless!

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