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Saints Row 2 Launch Party

Good morning everyone! Though it's half past noon, it's still morning to me. Heh! I'll probably get out of bed once I'm done with this post...

Last night, I had the honor to work a kick-ass event! The THQ 'Saint Row 2' launch party is by far the best event I've done. It was fun, laid back and filled with booze. I bet every single person on the boat had a ball of a time. In fact, I think most were high by the time we docked at midnight.

The boat had a DJ console on the upper deck and my makeshift airbrush studio along with the gaming corner was indoors on the lower deck. The food was pretty amazing considering it was prepared on the boat.

All in all, I had 6 cans of Budweiser. It wasn't enough but hey, I was working right? Here's a picture of the limited edition Saints Row 2 goodie bag they gave out last night...

I reckon it's time I get out of bed. Later folks!

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