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Questions by readers...


From Anonymous: How many girlfriends have you had?
I know I'm gonna sound like a complete ass. If you count girlfriends that have lasted more than 3 days, I've had 28. I started dating at the age of 15. Not like it matters anyway right?! Moving on...

From jona-tat.2: When do you think Liverpool will Ever win the EPL again?
Well, we're gonna win in this season!!! I can feel it my veins. With us smashing Chelsea's undefeated at home' record, it's sure looking good. Seriously, it took a GREAT team to outplay Chelsea last night. Not only were the Blues not able to play football, they looked like a bunch of asses!

So yeah, we've got a really good squad this season. The players believe in themselves and it's a team the Kop can be proud of. Now to beat Portsmouth...

From vb: I know you love what you are doing, but what do you see your self doing say 10 years down the road?
Hi vb. Hope all is good on your end. Well, I do want to open my restaurant in five years and I hope to start tattooing next year. Let's talk about tattooing professionally first ya? It's the first time I'm talking about it here on my blog. Like I mentioned before, anyone can tattoo. Even a well trained monkey. The question is, can a person make a decent living tattooing?

With that said, I'm learning to draw/trace at the shop. I've got really good people around me that I can learn from and these guys are fantastic at their job. I've politely turned down an offer to work at another tattoo shop so that I can learn from the best. It's ain't gonna be easy but nothing in life is right? I have never failed with anything that I've put my heart and soul into. I sure ain't gonna fail in tattooing! That's how sure and determined I am...

Now to the restaurant. I have this cool concept that I know will rock! Notice I didn't say I 'think'? Over the last year, I have come up with the menu, recipes, floor plan and theme. What's left for me to do is to fine tune everything in the next five years.

So VB, I see myself tattooing and owning a restaurant in ten years...

From my wife: Can i buy that $800 Kate Spade bag?
Sure baby! Work hard and save for that bag! It'll be your reward for working hard. Heeee...

From Aunt Phoenix: What your favourite food Noel?
I have a few actually. I dig Indian and Chinese food. Teochew porridge is my comfort food. But if I really had to choose, Italian would be it. I love pastas and I would marry a pizza if I could!

From Aunt Phoenix: One more. Who is the best tattoo artist in Singapore :-)
Oh man, this is a tough one. I can't even say who is the best in the world. There's so many outstanding tattoo artists in Singapore. I'm friends with so many of these guys that it would be unfair to say that one of them is better than the other. Instead, I would say they all have their specialties. For example, if you want a kick ass black and grey tattoo, I would recommend Jerry Tan. If you want something oriental, David Seow would be the man. Sha is damn bloody good at animal tattoos. Or let's say you want a portrait tattoo, Elvin Yong would rock the house!

If the judging at the upcoming Singapore Tattoo Show remains politics free (I'm keeping my fingers crossed), some artists will get the recognition they deserve. Then again, some of these artists won't be participating in the show.

There we have it, that's the first ever NOEL! Answers post. My thanks to all for the questions. If you want to ask me a question, simply click on 'comments by readers' below. Questions will be answered every Monday. Ciao!


  1. 28? wow! good luck with the tattoos dude.

  2. Moving into tattooing professionally? That's cool.

    If I ever get one, I'd break my tattoo virginity to you!!! YES, YOU!!!


  3. "your boy friend would be certain drawn to your drop-dead gorgeous looks for sure."



    Looks are deceiving indeed.


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