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Planet Pluto

I've always been intrigued about planets and stars. It's been a dream to own a decent telescope. By hook or by crook, I'll make sure I own one by the time Drayden turns three. Have you ever wondered if there is life in outer space? Or if aliens do indeed travel in UFO's? It's questions like this that brings out the child in me.

Astronauts are lucky bastards. They get to see these awesome creations by god almighty up close. Who needs a telescope when you're an astronaut right?

Anyhow, I googled Planet Pluto earlier and ended up on Yahoo! Answers. Some of the answers are hilarious....


Pradip M asked: Why was planet Pluto was removed from the solar system?

These are some of the answers...

Muffin: Read the news, you lazy. (chosen as best answer by voters)
StéphanD: They destroyed it to build a highway.
Zilber: Pluto is a good dog! Stupid you!
Joey: Pluto goes off track and isn't very important.
rbkroe: Only god can accomplish this one. just goes to show where our tax money is being spent. abolish nasa and use the money wasted to make our world a better place.
young108: HAVE to get out more.

This is the correct answer ladies and gentlemen...

Briandoo: From 1930 to 2006, the system was comprised of nine official planets, but Pluto's status was changed to that of a "dwarf planet" on August 24, 2006 by the IAU, thus reducing the membership of the solar system to the eight classical planets.

Alright, I'm signing off! Over and out....

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  1. That piece of information pissed me off.

    How can we have only 8 planets?!?!


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