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My wife the Ambassador

In case you don't read the Baby Boyd Blog, my wife Ann has been chosen as one of the "Fresh Air for Women" Ambassadors. The Health Promotion Board approached my wife not too long ago about being an ambassador for this new campaign. We spoke about it and I'm happy she decided to be their ambassador.

Before ya'll start bitching about me smoking and all, Ann and I have a mutual understanding. I smoke because I want to and nobody can get me to quit. If I do decide to quit one day, it'll be because I want to. Right now, I don't.

I think Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew would be the PERFECT ambassador for an anti-smoking campaign. Well that's my opinion anyway...

Singapore looks set to have it's very own tattoo magazine soon. Guess who will be in the inaugural issue? Yep, me! I'm absolutely delighted man. I don't know what else to say but Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I've got to wrap up this post. I need to prep stuff for my THQ event on Monday. I'll leave you with an airbrush tattoo of Hideto 'Hide" Matsumoto from X Japan that I did earlier today...


  1. well done man! haha! guess you have more than 15mins of fame in your life ay? haha i'm still waiting for mine...=)

  2. Yea's nice though. Yours will come soon enough bro! =)

  3. Anonymous: If you are referring to the tattoo, nope it isn't. It's an airbrush tattoo. Would probably last 3 days since it's on the shoulder/back...


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