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I love Money!

At last it’s Friday once more. I just love Fridays at Far East Plaza. Not just the good business but the many babes walking around the mall. It truly is a buffet for my eyes. What does Ann think about this? She knows I’m a perverted son of a bitch! Heh!

Ya know, it’s tough to blog regularly. It helps if one has an entertaining life or a set of boobs and a pretty smile. Erm...I do have a set of man boobies and a smile but it doesn’t count! Female bloggers have an advantage over us males. Show some skin and you’ll get the traffic. It doesn’t matter if the chick is some dumb fuck that can’t speak good English.

But all is good. I’m pretty sure I’ll be born a female in my next life. When that happens, the world better watch out! Hopefully blogging is still around by then...

Let’s talk about something else shall we? How about money? Who doesn’t like money right? I sure as hell could do with more money. Now, greed has often been associated with money. Recently, a good number of Singaporeans have lost money in investments thanks to the global financial crisis.

Correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve always considered investing in something gambling. Yet, there are SINGAPOREANS that want the government to help. Here’s a question. When THESE people received money from their investments in the past, who was smiling? Who went on holidays, renovated their homes and pampered themselves silly?

There were numerous chances for folks to withdraw their investments. Yet they kept hoping that things will go up up up. I know of a certain someone that made good money in investments. He could at any one time have said that I’ve made enough money and be contented. Now, he’s crying foul at the latest developments. Booooo ya dumb ass!

Aite, I’m outta here. Enjoy your Friday and love to all!


  1. I agree with you Noel. It's just like going to a casino. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Investors should know this by now...


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